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Savage Arms: Savage Centerfire Left Handed Rifles

Savage Storm
Savage Storm Left Handed (Photo: Savage Arms)

When you’re looking for a left handed rifle, Savage Arms is one of the more prolific companies out there. They have one of the largest left handed offerings among major manufacturers. Not only as of this writing, do they have 11 models in their centerfire lineup, they also have 14 across their rimfire line, for a total of 25 models.

The Tactical, Stealth and Evolution lines cover the long range and target shooters. And the remaining lines; 11/111 Trophy Hunter, 110 Storm, and 220 Slug Gun are for the hunters. A really solid lineup for almost all shooters

Savage Centerfire Left Handed Rifles

Not only is this a great selection from target/tactical rifle to hunting rifles, the available calibers are also great. Every thing from .223 Remington and 6.5 Creedmoor to .30-06 Springfield and 300 Win Mag. There is room for growth as there are a total of 83 lines of right handed rifles.

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