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Left Handed Rifles

Finding a left handed rifle can be tough, but there are quite a few manufacturers out there.  The names may surprise you, and they range in price from economical to exquisite.  This is an evolving list, if you know of one that is not listed, please comment with the info, and I’ll update it.

AR-15 Rifles

Semi-Automatic Rifles

Bolt action rifles


Just about any break action shotgun.

Actions & Receivers

Stocks and Chassis Systems

29 thoughts on “Left Handed Rifles

  1. Great site! Just finished a left-hand valkyrie ar-15 build. Could share vendors and parts list if you’re interested.

    1. Please do. Considering doing my first build. I’ve previously assumed a plain Jane lower stripped Receiver like a $50-ish Anderson would be fine if I build a lefty AR15 with most of the unique components being associated with the upper receiver; however, while almost all vendors as talk about ambidextrous safety, some links to “left handed receivers”, talk about a “left-handed bolt catch” and an “ambidextrous Bolt release“ and therefore I might need to spend $132 or more on a stripped lower. Do you have any comments or insight into these observations?

      1. Whats great is that there are multiple ways to almost get a full ambi lower with existing stripped lowers. Adding an ambi bolt catch and a safety selector will check most boxes for a left handed lower. My current favorite ambi mag catch is the EMR-A from Forward Controls Design. It has the best leverage over the built in ones from LMT and CMT. I do like the ambi bolt catch on the CMT, LMT, San-Tan, etc, and find my self using it a lot when I’m using those lowers. The only ambi bolt catch that I’m not so fond is the PDQ that is part of the Aero Ambi forget lowers. It works, but it just doesn’t have the same finesse.

    2. Just came back to visit this site and saw that there were replies to my comment from awhile ago. Apologies this took so long, but here is a little bit about my lefty Valkyrie build in case it helps anyone:
      – Barrel: Craddock Precision – 18″ 1-6.7 twist Rock Creek with a rifle+1 gas length with lefty/ambi extensions .224 Valkyrie
      – Got barrel nitrided after 100 round break-in
      – Upper Receiver: Craddock Precision – Guessing, but appears to be a billet left-handed from Davidson Defense
      – BCG: Craddock Precision – Nitrided Toolcraft 6.8 SPC, but I had to source the lefty bolt separately
      – Bolt: Maxim Firearm – 6.8 SPC 9310 left-handed
      – Lower Receiver: Fortis – License Ambi – love this receiver
      – Charging Handle: BCM – Vltor Ambi
      – Safety: Radion Weapons – Talon Ambi

      Those are the lefty-specific parts anyway. Cheers.

  2. Just found your site and went through all of the hassle of creating a wordpress account just to comment. I’ve been searching for left-handed rifle stuff since 2014 and only came across your page today. I’ll try and promote it as much as I can though.

  3. On another note, tried to comment on the magazine release thread and left-handed upper thread but the comments were closed.

    1) The new ambi mag release by Strike might be the best yet, operates in a way I have yet to see anywhere else, replaced my Forward Controls Design EMR-A.

    2) Davidson Defense has a new billet AR15 left-eject upper currently going for $99.99, looks really nice, haven’t tried it yet but I will at some point.

  4. Core15 “Hardcore” line makes a very nice AR15. You’re also missing Accuracy International AT308 bolt action rifle. You left out Caesar Gueirrini for a left handed shotgun.

      1. They do make a left handed stock which is cast from offset mirror image from right. They aren’t straight. I understand the omission, the action is still the same regardless of dominate hand.

        You have an excellent collection of left handed resources here. I’m impressed!

  5. A true left handed pistol recently designed was by New Order Firearms with a real left hand ejection was model NO 09 and it used Beretta pistol magazines. The parent company is Evan’s Machinery which does a lot of work for the military. I’m not sure they make them anymore, but I was on a waiting list for a couple years. They were always backlogged with military work so they never got around to making me one.

    Colt Single Action Army revolver was designed for the army to shoot from the weak (left) hand while riding a horse. Ruger makes a replica/similar model called the Vaquero with a modern safety.

  6. I am right handed in everything I do except shoot. Because I am left eye dominant. I want a to buy a good AR15 with good components and a side charging left hand upper. This will be a long range precision rifle preferable in 22 Nosler as I believe it that to be the best round for the AR 15. I am not concerned with the rebated rim. And it has better ballistics then the 224 Valkeryie (sic) . I would like to find one built like I want it but I will also consider having it built or building it myself. Can you help?

    1. If you’re going side charge, I think you’re best outlet will be the Gibbz Side charger. I have no experience with them yet, but I’d like to get a review of them in the near future. Once you have the action, look into a White Oak Armament barrel. I like the fact the 22 Nosler has a rebated rim, finding different left handed bolt faces is a pain. As for lowers, I don’t think you can go wrong with any ambidextrous lower. I’m fond of my CMT, and LMT lowers, and would also look at ADM and Radian. Rainier Arms also has an ambi lower, and I think it’s made by CMT, so you are good to go. If you have the patience, I’d build it. The best online source for building and maintaining AR-15 is from the School of the American Rifle. Chad is excellent, and his videos are amongst the best out there.

  7. Love the site. Always thought we needed a lefty friendly gun resource. Thanks and keep the content coming. Would love to see a parts specific section as well. Would be happy to contribute as well.

  8. You need to add to the Semi-Automatic Rifles list:

    1. Springfield Hellion (Croatian HS Produkt VHS-2) – features ambi-ejection

    2. Faxon ARAK-21 – features ambi-ejection

    3. FAMAS – features ambi-ejection

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