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Forward Controls Design ABC/R v3 Bolt Catch

I’ve been a fan of the ABC/R since it’s first inception. I think I still have the product card that has the original Forward Controls Design arrowhead logo. But a lot has changed, and Roger at FCD doesn’t let a product go stale when there are improvements to made.

The v2 version brought a larger shelf, and thinning of the paddle to allow for better clearance. Then they introduced the all angles dimples version (which is the best version). Now we have the v3 with the additional bias feature of the paddle, and the new lower butterfly paddle.

Paddle clearance on a CMT left handed billet upper.

We will start with the lower butterfly paddle. This is common to all ABC/R V3s and is really handy for the left handed shooter. Not only do you have easier access to the lower paddle to lock the bolt back, but you have a lot more surface area. I’ve only installed the dimpled version, and even with winter gloves, it has a very positive feedback.

The top portion of the paddle now has three versions: Forward Bias, No Bias, and Rear Bias. Front bias has moved the paddle toward the front of the rifle by just a designed to allow right handed shooters easier access to the bolt catch when gripping the mag well. The center paddle is just as they have been before.

But the Rearward Biased paddle, really helps the left handed shooter. It may be just a hair rearward, but it does give you just that little extra reach to make it easier to drop the bolt with your left handed trigger finger.

Bolt closed on a Stag left handed upper

There are a few caveats to the v3, and they mainly deal with billet lowers. CMT is specifically signaled out, but I there are no fitment problems with my early CMT lower. I’ve seen some other lowers, like the SilencerCo SCO15, that have some additional fencing around the bolt catch and magazine release that may prevent the ABC from freely moving. So like many billet lowers, fitment isn’t guaranteed.

Dust cover clearance with a Stag left handed upper

But how about left handed uppers? Will the shell deflector interfere? As of right now, no! I tested clearance with the shell deflectors and the reverse dust cover, and there are no clearance problems. They do look close, but nothing got in the way, and they neither touched or interfered with dust covers, shell deflectors, nor the actual upper.

Bolt Held Open on a CMT billet upper

This is truly another home run part by Forward Controls Design.