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Remington 700 Left Handed Rifles

Remington 700 SPS
Flipped image of the Remington 700 SPS to approximate left handed version (Photo: Remington)

The veritable Remington 700, probably the best selling hunting rifle of all time. It is estimated that over 5 million rifles have been sold since its introduction in 1962. Remington keeps the left handed rifle shooters in the game with three model lines:

The 700 SPS is chambered for six of calibers, from the 243 Winchester to the 300 WinMag. Not a bad selection. Barrel lengths range from 20″ for the smaller cartridges to 26″ for the Magnums. The compact is short action only, and a 20″ barrel chambered in the 243 Winchester and 7mm-08. All rifles feature their adjustable X-Mark Pro trigger.

Their left handed varmint version is a short action with a 26″ heavy barrel chambered in 22-250 Remington to the .308 Winchester.

Remington’s True Gift: The 700 Action

While Remington does have a well rounded selection of left handed rifles and calibers, the true gift to the left handed rifle shooter is their action. The 700 pattern is the most popular pattern for custom actions. American Rifle Company, Defiance Machine, and Surgeon Rifles, to name a few, all make left handed versions of their actions that are based on the 700 action. With a custom left handed chassis or stock, the options are almost endless for a fine left handed precision rifle.

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