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Savage Arms: Left Handed Rimfire Rifles

Savage Mark II BTVLSS
Savage Mark II BTVLSS (Photo: Savage Arms)

You may have seen our list of Savage Arms Left handed Centerfire Rifles, so here is our big list of left handed rimfire rifle from Savage Arms. If you thought that Savage took care of the centerfire lefties, they have almost doubly take care us in the rimfire world.

9 of the rifles are .22LR, two are 22 WMR (Winchester Magnum Rimfire), and three are for the tiny but fast 17 HMR (Hornady Magnum Rimfire). The only rimfire chambering missing are the 17 HM2 and 17WSM.

Savage is also one of the very few to make a true left handed semi-automatic rimfire rifle, the Model 64. Unfortunately, they haven’t brought Model A line to the left handed side.

Savage Arms Rimfire Left Handed Rifles

That’s a lot of letters and number, what do they mean? Savage still uses these combos to delineate the features of their rifles. It’s mainly on their rimfire line now, and not found much anymore on their centerfire lines, especially with their newer models.

  • Model 64 are their semi-automatic .22LR rifles
  • Model 93 are their bolt action 22 WMR rifles
  • B are the new modern ergonomic synthetic bolt action rifles
  • Mark II are their standard bolt action rifles
  • Rascal are their single shot line of rifles for the younger shooters
  • BT – Laminate Thumbhole Stock
  • F – Synthetic stock
  • G – Hardwood stock
  • L – Left Handed!
  • SR – Supressor Ready
  • SS- Stainless Steel
  • V – Heavy Barrel
  • XP – Package Gun
  • Y – Youth Model

Clear as mud.

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