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Stag Arms: The Original Left Handed AR-15

Stag 15L B556 M-Tac
Stag 15L B55l M-Tac (Photo: Stag Arms)

Back in 2004, Stag Arms emerged as “a sister company of a corporation with 30 years experiencemanufacturing Aerospace and AR parts and is one of the largest AR manufacturers in the world.” Their big contribution to the AR-15 community: the left handed AR-15.

Through out the years, Stag Arms as been the go to manufacturer for left handed uppers and left handed bolt carrier groups. What sets them aside from other manufactures is that beside the the upper and the BCG, everything else is Mil-Spec. You can buy your stock rifle, and then fiddle and customize until your heart is content.

Also previously touted was their ambidextrous barrel extension. Instead of chamfering one side, both sides fo the extension was chamfered for left handed reliability. It’s not listed anymore, and I’m not sure if it’s necessary. I’ve built a few left handed AR-15s with standard barrel extensions, and have not had any problems.

A few years ago, Stag Arms changed their naming conventions from the Model 1L through the Model 8L to a more descriptive convetion. Now we have names like the Stag 15L Bones, Stag 15L Tactical, and Stag 15L Retro to name a few.

Stag Arms Left handed AR-15 Rifles:

They used to offer 22LR conversion kits, but presently, they are unavailable. Also missing is the .224 Valkyrie. They offered it for a time in 2018, but is not presently listed.

Left Handed AR-10

In 2017, Stag arms brought both lefties and righties the AR-10. Based on the DPMS .308 platform, the rifle is mostly Mil-spec. However, all version of the AR-10 feature a proprietary Stag Slant Cut in the lower and upper, and proprietary take-down and pivot pins to “guarantee the best fit”. The builder sets are a great start for your custom AR-10 in either chambering you choose.

Also in 2017, stag released the Stag 9L, their 9mm carbine. It was available in two models and a builder set, but it is also not presently available.

Personal Experience

All Stag rifles are 100% American made, have an Infinite Shot Barrel Guarantee, and have a lifetime transferable warranty. I’ve had my Stag Model 2L+ for 6 years and it runs very well. Out of the box it was a great reliable shooter. Since then, I’ve upgraded most of the stock parts. Below are the added parts to make the rifle even more ambidextrous and left handed friendly.

I’ve kept the original FSP barrel installed as it’s shooting very well. Even after a few thousand rounds through the rifle over the years, the rifles still holds a tight group. I recently achieved a 1.8″ 10-shot group from 100 yards using my 3x scope from a rest. (50 yard zero)

I can’t say enough about the quality of the Stag Rifle. For a first rife, or a third. For a stock only, or for project rifle, I think you will be pleased with a Stag Arms AR-15 rifle.