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JP Enterprises MR-19 Custom Left Handed Rifle

JP Enterprises MR-19
Flipped version of JP Enterprises MR-19 (Photo: JP Enterprises)

If you were interested in the JP Enterprises APAC chassis that was recency released, but thought “I really don’t want to build the rifle myself.” You are In luck. The MR-19 has been finalized, and while it doesn’t look like a lefty at first, you can get the rifle that will be the envy of many a southpaw.

First off, the MR-19 Manual Precision Rifle isn’t cheap, but boy does it come packed with a lot of high quality parts. The heart of the rifle is built around the Deadline short action by Ultimatum Precision. This is a Remage style action, Remington 700 pattern, but designed to take Savage pre-fit barrels threaded for 1-1/16″x20. Below the action comes a Timmney Calvin Elite with a two pound pull.

Custom Build for LEftys

Fortunately for the southpaw crew, there is no off the shelf, prebuilt left handed version to be had, you have to customize. So there are a lot options available, and most of the common ones are at no extra charge. In front of the actions you have a Proof 26″ cryogenically treated stainless steel barrel (sorry, no carbon fiber) chambered in either 6 or 6.5 Creedmoor.

Once you’ve got your barreled action and trigger chosen, it goes into the JP Enterprises APAC left handed chassis. From there there are a lot of extra colors and options to add on. You can customize your grip with Hogue or a Magpul grip. Then there are all sort of options from optics to rings and slings. Once done, it’s all wrapped up into a nice custom cut foam Pelican iM3200 hard case.

And since you’ve already dropped $4999 on the rifle, they include a nice little swap pack that includes a hat, patch, magazine, QD sling mount, JB bore compound, Lucas Oil, a cable lock and some ear plugs.