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JP Enterprises launches new ambidextrous chassis

JP Enterprises APAC: Advanced Precision Ambidextrous Chassis (Photo: JP Enterprises)

After 13 years of refinement, and JP Enterprises has updated their AMCS rifle chassis system to the new APAC. The Advanced Precision Ambidextrous Chassis is just what it sounds like, full ambidextrous. The bolt handle cut out is on both sides, and includes a reversible filler plate.. The over size mag release is also ambidextrous and can be manipulated on either side. Stock also has a reversible folding hinge to make this a true left handed rifle.

Based on the Remington 700 pattern, this chassis should accept most receivers out there. To aide in customization, it’s also comparable with AR style grips. The folding stock also can be adjusted for LOP, height, and cant. If you’re familiar with JP’s offerings, the hand guard tube is compatible with JP MK III accessories and rails.

Why can’t more rifle chassis be made this way? I’ll say 99% of the time it’s aesthetics, but this is such a simple solution. The only other chassis I’m currently aware that also has the ambidextrous bolt handle cut out is the Magpul Pro 700. Such a simple solution that opens up left handed rifles to the rest of us, with out having to look or wait for the “left handed version”.

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