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Uintah Precision Left Handed Bolt Action Uppers

UPR15 (Flipped image from Uintah Precision)

Uintah Precision has a truly unique AR-15 and AR-10 upper combo available on the market, and just recently announced the they will be manufacturing left handed versions of their UPR10 and UPR15.

These AR-15 pattern complete uppers feature a bolt action in place of the bolt carrier group. This results in a fully single action AR-15. All you need to do is swap the upper and remove the buffer and spring, and you are good to go. The upper is a complete unit, since it includes a custom bolt that fits with their barrel extension. This does not use the AR-15 pattern bolt, so it looks like their barrels are mostly proprietary.

The UPR15 is offered with a threaded barrel, M-LOK hand guards, and in these configurations:

  • 223 Wylde:
    • 16″ barrel, 1:8 twist, 10″ handguard
    • 20″ barrel, 1:8 Twist, 16.5″ handguard
  • 300 Black Out
    • 10.5″ barrel 1:8 twist, 10″ handguard
    • 16″ barrel, 1:8 twist, 10″ handguard
  • 6.5 Grendel: 26″ barrel, 1:8 twist, 16.5″ handguard
  • 224 Valkyrie:
    • 22″ barrel, 1:7 twist, 16.5″ handguard
    • 22″ barrel, 1:6 twist, 16.5″ handguard
    • 22″ barrel, 1:6.5 twist, 16.5″ handguard

The UPR10 is offed with a threaded barrel, 15″ M-LOK handguards, which can be replaced with your favorite free-float AR-10 hand guard, and in these in these configurations:

  • .243 Winchester: 26″ barrel, 1:18 twist
  • 308 Winchseter: 24″ barrel, 1:10 twist
  • 6mm Creedmoor: 26″ barrel, 1:8 twist
  • 6.5 Creedmoor: 26″ barrel, 1:8 twist

Just this alone may make it legal in states like California and New York. What this also achieves is the ability to hunt in some game management areas where semi-automatic rifles are banned.

One big caveat for those just wanting to swap uppers, there is a list of compatible trigger groups, and Geissele and LaRue are not compatable with these systems.

I really want to try out the 10.5″ on my SBR. With a suppressor, this should be really fun to shoot.