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AR-15 Focus: Ambidextrous Safety

When setting up a left handed AR-15 rifle, the first thing you should focus on is an ambidextrous safety.  There are a few plain Jane shaped mil spec versions out there, but the ambidextrous safeties are plentiful.

Many right handed folks like having ambi controls so they can manipulate the safety with both their thumbs and fingers, plus it aids in right handed to left handed transitions, when all of a sudden, you’re a lefty.

Installing them is easy, and there are a lot of great videos out there.  Most come with a short and long lever.  Remember to install the long lever on your thumb side, so the short lever doesn’t get in your way on the other side.

Many can be switched between the standard 90° throw and a short throw from 45° and up. They are supposed to be easier and faster to manipulate.  Many are reversible, so you can figure out which works better for you.

Of the safeties I’ve tried, I recommend the following:

  • Radian Talon – Smooth, adaptable, and since since it has a spring retention, will probably never fall off since there is no set screw
  • V7 Hybrid – Very crisp selector and one of my favorite levers. 57° of throw, which is something different, but for me doesn’t make a difference
  • Battle Arms BAD-ASS – One of the first, and it’s tried and true.
  • Seekins Precision – Great selectors, but the not a fan of the texture. They used to have a bunch of colors if you’re into that, but not anymore it appears.